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Compose an AABA song form or rounded binary composition that modulates using pivot chord. A section and B section should be in different keys.

Write a composition using hybrid voicings as part of the harmony

The goal was simply to use at least two of the new techniques covered in MTC 4.

Write a composition using chromatic 3rds harmonic concepts

Score a 53-second video game scene using mixed meters, including simple, compound, and odd. Harmonic progression will be a minor key for dramatic effect.

Write a multi-sectional composition in which the A section is a minor modal melody.
The B section should contrast the A section

Compose a piece using the Mixolydian or Lydian mode.

Compose a short piece of about 32 bars in length in AABA song form that modulates to a distantly related key and then returns to the original key

Mom purchased me a djembe. So I used it in a song I wrote for her.

Write a short composition that makes use of at least three different exotic scales.
Scales used: Octatonic, Acoustic, Spanish Phrygian

Final Project for the class.
Free to utilize everything we learned. Drums, 4 Part Harmony with Independent base, modal interchange, Tensions, Seven Chords etc...

Composition Quest Log: Lvl 1: A Minor Challenge

Write a short piece (no more than 16 bars) in the Spanish Phrygian mode.

Write a short piece that employs harmony voiced in 4ths

Compose a short piece that employs an augmented 6th chord in the harmony
*Poor marks

Write a short binary or rounded binary composition with a melody and chords using a composite minor.

Write a composition using parallel harmony (constant structure/planing).

Short piece using layered ostinato technique in a particular mode, between three and five layers.

Mode: Mixolydian

Prompt: Write a melody that starts on beat 2 or 3. Didn't satisfy the prompt but I think what came out of it is cool.

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