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Tools: C#,XNA,HLSL


Mobius was created during the 2012 global Game Jam with my Sonar Team at UCSC. Our theme this year was the Ouroburos, the Snake that eats its own tail. In our quick research we found that one of the things the Ouroburos represented was immortality. With this in mind our game represents just that! You start as a child and as you grow older, represented by your awesome mustache and scrolling background, you have to battle all of the things life throws at you. If you are good enough and collect the Mobius band you will be able to continue on into the next life. We wanted to have fun with this game and make it as polished as possible. So we stuck to what we knew. Platformers! In fact the demon blaster was taken by our love of Megaman. Also we threw in some procedural level Generation in for fun, and went with a jazzy film noir style to stay true to our team name. The HIPSTERS!!!


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