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Combat Jets

Tools: C#, JavaScript, Unity 3D


The first iteration of a jet game i'm trying to build to the android. Right now you fly as an F22 Rapter and shoot at evil moving cubes.





Tilt the phone left/right to bank left/right.

Tilt the phone forward/backward to tilt up/down.

Press the left or right edge of the screen to strafe left/ right accordingly.

Press both sides of the screen simultaneously to engage afterburners.

Tap on a target encased in a box to fire a missile at it.




  • Accelerometer controls

  • Tap and fire attackstrafing and afterburners

  • Imported models, soundtrack, textures, and other assets into the unity engine

  • Skyboxes and particle systems to achieve environment, missile, afterburner and explosion effects

  • Implemented sound effects, and soundtrack

  • HUDCamera

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